Marine Insurance


JICO provide coverage solutions for marine, Aviation and Energy risks; we handle both simple and complex policies.

We handle claims in our marine business, efficiently and fairly in the event of a loss.

Coverage offered to extremely broad base companies, operating as:



Local and global manufacturers Traders

Logistic providers




Pleasure boats and yachts owner

Aviation Schools

Commercial aviation companies

Renewable Energy Projects

Small airline fleets

Cargo Insurance

JICO offers comprehensive insurance protection solutions and advanced risk management services to cover and protect cargo when transported over land, sea and air locally and globally.

Our insurance solutions are customized to fit the needs of local and global manufacturers, logistic providers, shippers and vessel owners, as well as pleasure boats and yachts.

Tailored to address specific risks, JICO further provides protection to cargo from war and strike risks, including War on Land insurance covering cargo during land transport to and from any place in the world.

Insurance can be arranged for each shipment using separate declarations, or long-term agreement by an Open or Floating Policy for a specified period and sum insured.

Haulier Liability Insurance

Haulier Liability Insurance is designed to cover the legal liability of the transporting company towards the cargo owner. The Jordanian Inland Transport Law holds the carriers liable towards the cargo owner in case of loss or damage of carried goods.

Pleasure Boats Insurance:

The Pleasure Boats Insurance covers loss or damage to recreational boats and/or third party liability. Limits of liability may be tailored to meet law requirements.

Vessel Hull Insurance

Vessel Hull Insurance is designed to protect vessel owners from any physical damage impacting the hull. Protection & Indemnity insurance (P&I) can also be arranged.

Aviation Insurance

Coverage is available for Physical Damage and/or Liability which can be packaged together under one policy. JICO also can offer extended navigational limits outside of Jordan. JICO provide covers for Private, Business and Commercial classes and for all type of operations including Flight Schools including Rentals and Skydiving.

Energy and renewable energy

Renewable energy resources are being developed at an increasing rate worldwide and in response ofdevelopments in the renewable energy in Jordan and region especially solar energy, JICO felt the necessityof creating insurance products and services to help our customers protect their renewable energy investments and optimize their profit.

WE designed products to reach beyond equipment breakdown coverage to also includefinancial and casualty losses.

WE offer covers to wind and solar power projects and to small and individual projects and plans

We also can cover

Consequential Loss / DSU

 Carriers’ Liability / Freight

 Forwarders’ Liability



Project Cargo

 Stock Throughput

Jewellers’ Block and Luxury Goods

WAR and WAR on Land Insurance

Our local expertise and relationships with key global players have allowed us to tailor our policies to cater to airports, aircraft owners, and aviation service providers of all types and sizes.


Clients who have signed up for JICO’s Marine Insurance include Royal Jordanian, leading logistic providers and vessel operators, car agents, and electricity suppliers, renewable energy companies and Aviation Flying Schools