Liability Insurance

  • Third Party Liability Insurance – TPL

This policy covers the insured business’s liability towards a third party in case of accidental death, bodily injury, illness or disease, in addition to accidental loss/damage to property belonging to the third party, arising in connection with the insured business and inside the territorial limit.

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance – CGL

A type of insurance policy that protects clients’ businesses from any financial loss/damage of property and/or bodily injury, and personal injury caused by the businesses’ operations, employees, services.

This insurance policy is also considered a part of comprehensive business insurance.

  •  Professional Indemnity Insurance- PI

We designed our own PI policy to ensure protecting individuals and businesses from bearing the full cost of defending against a negligence claim made by a client in regards of consultation, advice, services, and designs.

This applies to single projects or annual cover.

  • Product Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is formulated to protect all clients involved in the products and services’ manufacturing, distribution, and selling circle against any claims of accidental bodily injury or damage to property which arises from a defect in the product sold.

  • Employer’s Liability Insurance – EL

This type of insurance is necessary for employers’/business owners since it protects them from any financial loss if workers suffered any job-related illness/death –not covered by compensation- while doing their duties.

Limits of indemnity will be considered at the insured’s request, and is over the limit granted by the labor law.

  • Workmen’s Compensation Insurance – WC

This policy compensates workers and their families with medical and financial coverage when accidents occur while performing their duties, in accordance to sums specified in Jordan’s Labor Law, or as granted under the country/authority at which the employee is working.

The compensation applies in cases of illnesses and diseases, bodily injury, and death.