Marine & Aviation Insurance


Land | Air | & Sea

Under Marine and Aviation, we provide our customers with standard and tailor-made insurance solutions.


The covers we provide include the following:

  • Cargo Insurance:

This insurance is designed to cover all types of cargo whilst being transported by land, air, or sea in Jordan and abroad. Our cargo policies can be arranged on a shipment by shipment basis or through an annual open cover.

  • Hauliers’ Liability Insurance:

Haulier’s Liability Insurance is designed to cover the legal liability of the transporting company towards the cargo owner, which corresponds to the Jordanian Inland Transport Law that holds carriers liable towards the cargo owner in case of loss or damage of transported cargo.

  • Pleasure Crafts (Boats) Insurance:

The Pleasure Crafts (Pleasure Boats) Insurance compensates for loss or damage to boats and/or legal liabilities towards third-parties. As a result, limits of liability may be tailored to meet clients’ requirements.

  • Vessel Hull Insurance:

Vessel Hull Insurance is designed to cover physical loss or damage to vessels. Protection and Indemnity Insurance (P&I) can also be arranged.

  • Aviation Insurance:

JICO covers aircrafts, aviation liabilities and many other aviation related risks. Covers provided include:

  • Hull All Risk, Spares All Risks
  • Aviation War liabilities
  • Hull War
  • Hull Deductible
  • Manufacturers hull and liability
  • Loss of License
  • Airport owners, operator’s liability
  • Hangar Keepers liability