Specialty Lines of Insurance

  • Political Violence Insurance – PV

PV is a type of insurance that covers businesses of any size against political risks that will result in loss.

  • Sabotage & Terrorism – S&T

This policy provides property owners with cover against potential risks and liabilities that may occur under terrorists’ criminal activities, and political risks such as riots, strikes, and sabotage.

  • Cyber Insurance

Cyber liability insurance protects businesses and individuals against data losses caused by cyber-attacks, viruses, and other threats. It also covers lawsuits against companies that result from data breeches or failure to protect sensitive information that belongs to someone else.

  • Bankers Blanket Bond – BBB

This policy offers financial institutions absolute coverage against a variety of crimes and offenses committed by employees.

  • Jewelers Block Insurance – JB

This insurance is specially designed to meet various insurance requirements of jewelers since it covers loss/damage to the insured property (jewelry, gold/silver ornaments, pearls, gemstones, cash, banknotes, watches, etc.).