Engineering Insurance



Out of being a leading insurer in Jordan, our solutions of great value extend to insure against every aspect of engineering, including loss/damages of ongoing construction and installation projects, machinery, and electronic equipment breakdown.


Types of Engineering Insurance

  • Contractors All Risks Insurance – CAR

We offer the best range of solutions to projects throughout their lifecycle. Our policy covers construction, residential and commercial properties, roads, bridges, tunnels, and ports.

We insure you against natural perils (fire, lightening, floods, etc), loss/damage of property and owned/rented machinery, theft or burglary.

Our services also cover a third party in injury/illness or property damage/loss.

  • Erection All Risks Insurance – EAR

We designed our EAR’s solutions to protect our clients against all risks involving machines and heavy equipment’ usage and installation. These services also extend to include testing, commissioning, and covering a third-party liability.

Our coverage excludes only what is not presented under our policy and as per the schedule stated in the policy.

  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance – MBD

As the name suggests, this policy is designed to cover breakdowns affecting owned or under the insured care machinery in these areas: casting and material defects, faults in designs, workshop errors, explosions, and weather and natural hazards.

And every other area, unless excluded from the policy, and in accordance to the schedule stated in the policy.

This policy includes Deterioration of Stock Insurance – DOS:

This covers stocks suffering damage or deterioration in refrigerated warehouses and rooms due to breakdowns of cooling machines.

Compensations for damages/loss time and money are also presented in our Machinery Breakdown policy.

  • Electronic Equipment Insurance – EEI

This policy is designed to cover all sudden losses/damages to electronic equipments – hardware or software – against all causes listed in the policy.

Our coverage applies to equipments (including computers) operating/at rest dismantled for purposes of cleaning, maintenance, transporting within the premises and subsequent re-erection.

This cover only applies after successful commissioning, and is also available for increased operational expenditure following damages, and the clerical costs incurred for reinstatement of lost data.