Motor Insurance



Comprehensive Motor Insurance

The Comprehensive Motor insurance is designed to protect you from any physical loss resulting from a vehicle accident. This policy covers the damages suffered by your vehicle regardless of your liability in the incident.

Through this service, coverage extends to include the second party involved in the accident, and that’s in case the insured person caused it, and this applies in accordance to the provisions and instructions of the Compulsory Insurance system.

Basic coverage of the comprehensive insurance:

  • Damages inflicted on one part or more of the insured vehicle’s body.
  • Physical and bodily damages suffered by a second party, in accordance with the provisions of the compulsory insurance system.
  • Physical damage inflicted on the passengers of the insured vehicle.

Additional coverage of the insured vehicle:

  • (Full) Coverage of airbags..
  • Covering extra parts added to the vehicle after purchasing, such as electronic screens and sound systems, under a clear agreement with the insured.

Risks included in the policy:

Compensation for loss/damage to the insured vehicle can be arranged if the vehicle suffer on or more of the following problems:

  • Fire, ignition, or self or external explosion.
  • Partial or total theft.
  • Impact on other objects.
  • Deterioration or overturning.
  • 24-hour road assistance.

Distinguished Motor Insurance:

This service was designed specifically for luxurious and rare cars’ owners to provide them with a unique comprehensive insurance which gives them these advantages:

  • The insured is not liable to pay any extra physical amounts (since he is exempted from accidents’ fees and from paying a consumption ratio on switching vehicle parts with new ones).
  • Repairs in cars agencies’ maintenance centers.
  • Compensation for losing the ability to use the vehicle which includes (renting a vehicle for the insured with the price of JOD 50 a day, up to 15 days at most, during the time his vehicle is being repaired).
  • This applies to vehicles of personal use which their ages don’t exceed 3 years.

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