If you are seeking the best Medical care solutions, JICO offers you and your family a set of special options via our insurance policy, which are designed to meet all our costumers’ requirements.


Cure – Our Special Medical Insurance for Families and Individuals:

Cure offers high and distinctive individual Medical insurance coverage to suit everyone.

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Group Medical Insurance Plans:

Our company offers tailor-made medical insurance plans to various types of corporate clients such as: Banks, Factories, IT Companies, Schools and Universities …. As long as any organization has more than 10 employees.

Our medical insurance plans include:

  • Coverage inside the hospital only
  • Coverage inside and outside the hospital

Services and Advantages:

  • Access to the largest medical network in Jordan (NatHealth)
  • 24/7 service
  • Free medical consultations service
  • Smart cards to obtain chronic medicine without the need of medical forms
  • Cash reimbursement of claims covered by insurance outside our medical network as provided in your coverage plan

Additional coverage and benefits:

  • Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth:
    • Covering pregnancy tests.
    • Covering vitamins, minerals, calcium, and other nutritional supplements related to natural pregnancy both registered and unregistered in Jordan’s Food and Drug Administration (JFDA).
  • New born:
    • Covering new born treatment costs (at birth) from day one.
    • Covering circumcision for infants.
    • Covering prematurity and jaundice for the newborn.
  • Hormones and Vitamins:
    • Covering endocrine glands tests and treatments, in addition to hormones tests and treatments.
    • Covering vitamin tests including vitamin B12 and vitamin D3.
    • Covering registered medical vitamins.
  • Epidemiological and Infectious Diseases:
    • Covering Hepatitis disease (A & B).
    • Covering communicable and infectious diseases.
    • Covering swine flu disease (H1N1).

Below are our additional benefits which may vary depending on the insureds needs and budget.

  • Covering eye diseases.
  • Covering strokes and heart attacks.
  • Covering back pain and surgery, in addition to spine and knee diseases.
  • Covering chronic diseases, blood pressure diseases, heart, and Diabetes.
  • Covering non-cosmetic skin diseases.
  • Covering allergy diseases and tests.
  • Covering Flu Vaccine.


Download our Group Medical Insurance Application Form